Monday, January 16, 2012

Lunch at the Market

Jason has the day off today so we decided to go out to eat for lunch, something we very rarely do. Since Reid's has moved to its new location on Selwyn Avenue I have been wanting to go in and check it out. Reid's is a fine foods market with a wonderful wine and beer selection, gourmet foods to go, fresh local produce, a wine bar and a butcher shop. Reid's also offers wine tastings and cooking classes, which I plan to try out in the near future.

While looking around we came across some Gator Sauce

which I ended up buying for my dad. This is his favorite hot sauce that he has only been able to find at the beach. Once we were finished looking around we decided to order a sandwich from the butcher counter. I went with the spinach, grilled portobello and hummus on whole wheat bread with sundried tomato, feta and herb chutney. Jason chose the chicken salad sandwhich on Whole wheat bread.


We were both pleased with our selections and we are looking forward to going back soon to take part in one of their wine tastings. If you live in the Charlotte area and have not been here it is definitely worth your time to go in and check it out.

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