Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dump Cake

There are certain foods that hold a sentimental value to me because they remind me of certain events or holidays. For example, when I wrote about the Banana Pudding that I made I mentioned that it reminded me of my grandmother because she would always make it for us knowing it was our favorite. Whenever I see Rice Pudding I am immediately taken back to my Honeymoon with sandy beaches and crystal blue water. I love that certain foods give me a feeling of closeness to special memories.

The first Easter Jason and I spent together I asked him to tell me one dessert that he would have growing up that he would always have on Easter. Without hesitation he told me his mom would make a  Dump Cake, which also happens to be one of his favorite desserts. I wanted to be able to carry that memory on for Jason so every Easter since then I have been making Dump Cake. Not only is this a delicious recipe but it is so easy to make. You literally dump the ingredients in a pan and bake in the oven for one hour.

Dump Cake

- 1 can cherry pie filling
- 1 can crushed pineapple- not drained
- 1 box yellow cake mix
- 1 cup chopped pecans
- 1 stick of butter

- Spray a 9x13 dish with cooking spray
- Pour in the cherry pie filling and cover the bottom. Pour in the crushed pineapple.
- Sprinkle the yellow cake mix over top of the fruit until it is all covered
- Sprinkle the pecans on top of the cake mix then pour in the melted butter making sure it evenly coats the top.

- Bake on 400 for 1 hour.

Best severed warm. You can also serve it with ice cream or whip cream if you choose.

And just to show you that it is indeed his favorite here is a copy of Phyllis's recipe card. Look at the writing on the top right.

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